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5 Ways to Support Kids Through BIG Transitions

Whether your children are going to a new school, moving to a new home, or both, changes are rough. Especially for our little ones. As a mom of three, I know how important it is to help children through transitions. As a Realtor, I know how overwhelming the process of moving is, not to mention emotionally hand-holding your entire family through it all (cue the glass of wine). Over the years I have helped many families when they purchase new homes or relocate to Miami, FL. During that time, I have learned some best practices and collected a few tricks.

Here are 5 tips to help children through a big transition.

1. Talk To Your Kids

Once you have a new home or school picked out, it’s time to talk to the kids. Sit them down and have an honest, and age-appropriate conversation with them. Give them an idea of what they can expect with this new change and give them space to ask questions and voice concerns.

2. Take a Tour

Take your children on a tour of the new home and school, if possible. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Check out the local library and parks. Children feel secure once they know where their spot will be, so make sure to breakdown what their new space will look like-if it’s a new home, show them their new room and where their bed and toys will be. If it’s a school, take a few minutes to visit the new classroom.

3. Time to Prep

Let your children participate in picking out school out school supplies and packing their belongings. When moving to a new home, I recommend having your children pack a bag or backpack with their essential items. This will help avoid melt downs associated with unpacking delays. For school, a beloved lovey or stuffy (with teachers permission) can provide comfort during a long day.

4. Play Time

Children process thorough play. Take some time during the process of transitioning to role play what the first day of school will be like. Reading books is also an excellent way to help children learn the vocabulary to voice some of their concerns.

5. Keep To Old Routines

Sticking with as many familiar routines as possible will make the first days back feel less overwhelming. Remember that the order of the routine is more important than keeping to a specific time.

Bonus Tip: Remember to get support through your transition for yourself too. Family logistics takes countless hours of research and planning and can feel overwhelming. I am here to help if you are planning on changing your home or school. Schedule a call with me and in the meantime, you can download your Miami School Cheat Sheet for help in organizing your school search.

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