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Miami Dade Schools Explained

Understanding the school system in Miami, FL is no small task. There are many options for parents both in the public school system and the private schools alike. Happily, parents can find a wide range of programs and educational philosophies for their children’s education; from Montessori to Prep School, and everything in between, there is probably a school that offers it in Miami.

And so, we begin our journey into education in Miami with a brief breakdown of the different options parents have.

A Community School is the neighborhood public school that you are assigned to according to where you live. Community schools are funded with monies collected on property taxes. Many neighborhood schools offer specialized programs like foreign language immersion or International Baccalaureate Programs. Students do not need to apply for acceptance; however, proof of address is required for registration. Specialized programs may require an application.

Magnet Programs are public schools that offer specialized education programs such as fine arts, foreign languages or math and science. Magnet Programs can be stand-alone schools or found with-in a Community School. All Magnet programs require an application for enrollment, and many will also require auditions, interviews or submission of portfolios. Applications are available from October 1-January 15 of the prior school year.

Charter Schools are tuition-free schools that are publicly funded but managed by private companies. Charter Schools do not serve specific areas. Charter schools require an application for enrollment, most with an application deadline in January of the prior school year.

Private Schools are tuition based and are generally exempt from State assessments and curriculum guidelines, allowing them to choose education philosophies outside of what traditional publicly funded schools may choose. Private schools have varying requirements for admission including an application, most with a January deadline for submission. Many private schools are also associated with religious institutions.

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