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One of the Best Private Schools in Miami

There are over 495 private schools options in Miami! That's is so many schools! Today I am going to tell you about one my favorite private schools in Miami, a school that I consider one of the best schools in Miami, and it costs about half of what it is competitors are charging in tuition.

What is this magical institution I am talking about you ask? It is Belen Jesuit Preparatory School located in Miami, FL. 100% of graduates from Belen go on to Universities and Colleges and 84% of teachers at Belen have graduate degrees. Belen offers students 35 honors courses, 29 AP Courses, dual enrollment and the list goes on. Academics isn't all! There are 47 athletic teams and 40 clubs. Not to mention the lunch program which is pretty famous around here.

At $20,000 a year, the tuition at Belen Prep is close to half of what some of the school prep schools in Miami are charging. For example, Ransom Everglades is charging almost $40,000 per year and Riviera Prep at $30,000. With such amazing stats enrollment can get pretty competitive, so make sure to watch out for admissions deadlines.

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