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Miami School Guide

The location of your children’s school can play a huge roll when it comes to choosing the right home for your family. Many families purchasing a new home or relocating to Miami, FL start their home search by picking a school for their children, and then narrowing their home selections to the neighborhood in the school’s district or within a short drive.


Understanding the school system in Miami, FL is no small task. There are many options in the public school system and private schools alike. In fact, there are close to 1,000 schools in Miami Dade County! Happily, this means parents can find a wide range of programs and educational philosophies for their children’s education; from Montessori to Prep School, and everything in between, there is probably a school that offers it in Miami.

However, sifting through all those options can feel like an overwhelming task (cue the "mommy juice"). That is why I have created "Miami School Guide". A place for parents to find guidance , answers to their questions and resources.

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Get a head start with these free resources.

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Miami School Guide

With close to 1,000 school options it can be hard to find the right school for your kids. Download this FREE parent's guide to Miami school options. 

This at-a-glance breakdown explanins the different types of schools found in Miami.

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School Guide "Cheat Sheet"

Need help organizing your school search? Download this worksheet to help you narrow down the best schools for your children and keep track of important dates, school reviews and more!

Parent Resources

Join me weekly to get your real estate questions answered, discover schools & local businesses, and learn all the things to love about Miami! Read it or watch it, it's fun and all here for you.

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